Joining the BGC

As a consortium we are committed to improving transfusion care for all donors and patients equally. As such the consortium is always open to considering new membership applications.

If you are affiliated with of one the below organisation types then you may be eligible to join our consortium:

- National or Regional Blood Service

- Academic Research Hospital

- University connected to one of the above

Our Principles

All consortium members make valuable contributions towards our goals and projects.

They support our activities in many ways - DNA validation samples, Antigen Typing Data, Computational Resources, Analysis Expertise, Laboratory Testing Services, and Staff Time.

To ensure resources, data and expertise are openly accessible to all members equally we are guided by the following principles which are laid our in our consortium agreement:

1 - Biological samples and accompanying data used in our R&D activities will have been obtained the participants consent applicable with, and according to, the local and national requirements of the collecting member

2 - The genotype, blood cell antigen typing- and meta- data will be aggregated in the central consortium database hosted at Cambridge University Hospitals for shared analysis

3 - The link between DNA samples made available for genotyping and the personal identifiable details of the person from who the sample was collected must be maintained locally at the providing member organisation

4 - Following quality control and analysis of genotype data, blood cell antigen typing results inferred from the genotypes will be returned to the relevant member organisation, if permissible

5 - Results from our R&D activities will be published in peer-reviewed journals with an inclusive authorship representing the input from all members

How to join

If you can agree to the principles laid out above then joining us is simple.

Step 1 - Download, complete, and return the BGC membership application form to our Project Coordinator ([email protected]).

Step 2 - The application will be reviewed by the Consortium’s Principal Investigators during one of their regular committee meetings; the Members will reach a decision whether the application can proceed to Step 3

Step 3 - If the members approve the application then a confidential copy of the Consortium and Members’ Agreement will be shared for review by the applicant’s organisation

Step 4 - If the applicant’s organisation agrees to join then they will be asked to sign a legally binding Deed of Accession

Commercial Organisations

Commercial organisations may be able to join our consortium under special circumstances. They are advised to make a pre-enquiry with the consortium Chair: Willem Ouwehand ([email protected]) or Deputy Chair: Connie Westhoff ([email protected])